A Blessing And A Burden

The miracles described on this site -- and ALL true miracles -- are done by God, Christ, and the Saints who have been told by God to perform a miracle with the power supplied by God.

Please don't make the mistake of thinking that I am a saint. I can't do miracles. If I could perform miracles, then I would try to help good souls. However, God has NOT given me that power.

Also, please understand that I don't know why God is using me as a witness to His miracles. I did ask God about why God is using me this way. I was told that God knows what He is doing. Period.

That said, it would be a mistake for anyone to feel envious of me for being a witness to God's miracles. The price I pay is horrific. The reality is that I need your prayers because the devil has attacked me since I was eleven months old. I would be grateful for any little prayer that you say for me because I need all the help that I can get. [Dear God, please bless all of the good souls. Amen.]

The true grace that comes from miracles and Divine experiences -- like true visions for example -- is that the devotee KNOWS that God and Christ are real.